Do What You Love

make it happen

Creativity definitely works best when there's no expectation attached to it - no final outcome, no one to please, no judgement. But trying to make a living being a maker inevitably puts a layer of pressure on the creative process - is it good enough? Will anyone like it? Will anyone buy it? What are my competitors doing? The answer in any creative capacity is to do what you love - make work that matters to you - if you build it they will come (thanks Kevin) - a friend reminded me how infectious someone's creative joy can be - if you love it and value it so will others. We are undoubtedly often our own worst critics - can't we be our own cheering section sometimes too? It's hard not to look at what other people are doing and think - why didn't I think of that or if only I'd got there first. Remember there is only ONE GLORIOUS YOU. You are unique and authentic - invest in what you love - get really freaking good at it - shout about it. Figure out what amazing concoction of interests makes you YOU - including all the bits that perhaps aren't the most fashionable now - how else do new trends start. Be a pioneer and stick to your guns - mix a bit of plaid with bit of floral - what's the worst that can happen? Just be you - trust you - trust your own taste - be willing to take chances and see where the path leads. Be BRAVE.

Poster on my wall: Words to Live By - Remedy Quarterly

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